Booking With TCP
Q. Does your quotation include the international flight?


A: The quotation from Travel China Planner does not include fares for international arrival and departure flights.


Q. When do I need to make the reservation?


A: We recommend you make the reservations 1 month prior to your departure date. But if you want to come on May, September and October, better place the reservation as early as possible. Late reservation can not be guaranteed.

Q. I want to amend my booking. How do I do this?


A: The lead passenger on your booking can call our Sales Team on +86 29 8872 6613 , or submit a ticket,  quoting the booking reference. You will then be advised of any amendment charges and a new invoice will be sent out to you via email.


Q. I want to cancel my booking or one of the passengers off my booking - how do I do this?

: The lead passenger on your booking needs to notify us of the cancellation in writing, quoting the booking reference and the reasons for cancelling via email, fax, if possible. We cannot accept any cancellations over the phone. You will then be invoiced for any outstanding monies or refunded any monies owing.


Q.What type of customer service is offered?


A: After submitting your reservation request, you will be provided with an email address to make inquires about your request. Our qualified and friendly agents are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays) to answer your questions both online and offline. All you have to do is ask.


Q. I don't have long to wait for a confirmation. What can I do?


A: Typically, most reservations are made in real time and your confirmation should take few hours. You will be notified of the status of your reservation within 2 to 4 hours. However, there can be delays. In such cases, you will receive an email from us without a confirmation number. When the confirmation number is done, it will be emailed to you. If there is a special request or rate change associated with your reservation, the request will be sent to a Customer Care agent for processing. You may contact us directly at here.


Q. From what location does the service depart?


A: Our services depart from designated meeting points, hotels, theatres, and tour operator offices. You will receive exact instructions with the E-Ticket that is sent confirming your order.


Q. I have not received a reply to my emails, why?


A: Some email internet providers can mark general emails such as those sent from us as "spam." Please check your spam folder for previous email replies. If you have your spam filter set on the highest ranking, only emails from senders in your address box will go into your inbox. Any other emails (such as replies from internet sites you have booked on) will go into a "spam" folder. These emails can sit in this folder for up to 7 days, and then your email system will automatically delete them.


Q. How can I get a refund for my booking?

Be sure to include the following:

1: The full name under which the reservation was made;
2: Reservation ID Number;
3: Email address;
4: Date of your tour/hotel/activity;
5: Date of the credit card transaction (the date you placed your tour/hotel/activity order with us);
6: Amount of the transaction;
7: A telephone number where you can be reached if necessary;
8: and a brief explanation of the reason for the credit/cancellation request. (We need to know exactly why you are requesting a credit, so please provide all the detail needed for us.) The Cancellation Policy and Terms apply to any refund requests.

Refunding to credit card

We can refund to your credit card. Please send us the following information:
1. Credit card type;
2. Credit card number;
3. Issuing Bank of the Credit card;
4. The address of the above bank;
5. Credit card holder's full name, nationality, birth date;
6. The Billing address.


Q. How to use PayPal?

A: Make sure you can use PayPal to make the Payment.

Paypal has built a secure payment network of more than 190 countries and regions. Please click here to check out their service at your country. In case your country is not included in the network, you can choose to pay by T/T.

    If you already have a PayPal account

We will send you a payment request email in which you will see the button Pay Now. Simply click the button and login directly the payment page of PayPal. Follow the instructions, it is fast and easy for you to make payment online. PayPal will inform us after your payment is done successfully.

    If you do not have a PayPal account

You can have one free account easily on or when you receive the payment request email, click the button Pay Now, input your credit card information and other personal information required by PayPal to make the payment. PayPal will inform us after your payment is done successfully.

Q. What payment methods do you use?


Payment Methods

* Pay us via credit card/Paypal at least 2 weeks before tour date.
* Pay us in cash on arrival (USD and Chinese currency are both acceptable).
* Pay us via Western Union at least 2 weeks before tour date.
* Wire transfer payment to bank account of our company at least 3 weeks before tour date.

For credit card only

We will draw Chinese currency (RMB) from your credit card.

We convert Chinese RMB to US Dollars at a rate of RMB 6.1 = US$1 for our quotations but must charge your credit card in Chinese currency (RMB). Banks and Credit Card companies may use rate that are less favorable to you than our rate. Here is an example:

We quote RMB610 for travel and this equates to US$100 at exchange rate RMB6.1 = US$1 in our quotation. Banks and credit card companies will usually use a rate that enables them to make a profit on the exchange transaction. This will mean that RMB610 equates to US$100 and they will charge $104 to your credit card. The difference of $4 is the profit that has been made by the bank or credit card. We have no way to alter this situation and we get no benefit from the difference appearing on your credit card.

Q. Is breakfast included?


A: Many hotels offer free breakfast. Often this is a continental breakfast or sometimes just coffee and donuts. It would be very rare for a Vacation rental to provide breakfast. If included, it should be listed on the Lodging Information page.


Q. What is a Single Supplement?


A. A Single Supplement is the surcharge payable when there is only one person staying in a room. They are quoted per person per night.


Q. Chinese Hotels ask for a large deposit when I check in, is this normal?


A: All Chinese hotels will ask for a deposit upon check in. The amount required will vary depending on the hotel. The deposit should range from RMB 100 to RMB 800 night. Hotels in Beijing demand the highest deposits. The deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card. The hotel will process the credit card transaction and then process a credit at check out. A receipt is issued for cash deposits and it is necessary to present the receipt to obtain the refund of the deposit.


Q. What shall I do for the laundry in the hotel?


A: Laundering service is available in your hotel and cruise ship. You will fill in a laundry form and then put this form and your cloth for laundry in the laundry bag in your room. Then you call the laundry service of the hotel, a laundry attendant will go up and collect your cloth. They will be delivered back to your room after finished. Normally if you have the laundry done in the morning, they will be finished in the evening. But you can ask for the express service if you need your cloth back quicker. You can pay the fare for the laundry when you check out.


Q. Is the tap water in Chinese hotels drinkable?


A: No, usually all rooms in the hotels are equipped with water heaters or thermos bottles. Boiled water will be offered by the hotel free of charge. Some hotels provide bottled water daily free of charge. Bottled water is also widely available in stores, restaurants and street kiosks.


Q. Are rollaway beds/cribs available?


A: Most hotels and some vacation rentals offer rollaway beds and cribs (typically at a charge- $5.00-$20.00 each). Some may have restrictions on what room types will allow rollaway beds.


Q. What if there will be more than two adults in the room?


A: Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in the rooms at a charge (usually between $5.00-$20.00 per person). Some hotels and most vacation rentals have a limit on how many people can stay in a room.


Q. Can I specify where I would like my room located (preferred floor, next to pool, etc.)?


A: The hotel staff will do their best to accommodate special requests. We cannot guarantee that your requests will be granted because they are subject to availability.


Package Tours
Q. What is included in a private china tour?

A: Price Includes:

1.Entrance fees of all attractions mentioned in the itinerary.
2.Meals as listed in the itinerary, B= 
Breakfast; L= Chinese lunch; D= Chinese dinner;   SD=show & dinner.
3.Professional private guide
4.Private vehicle with experienced driver
5.Round transfers between airports or railway stations and hotels.
6.Hotels (on double occupancy basis) as specified in the itinerary. If a single room is required, the single room supplement will be charged.
7.Domestic flights (Economy-class) or trains as listed 、airports taxes and fuel surcharges.
8.Service charge & Government taxes
9.China Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance.


Q. What is included in a private city tour?


Price Includes:
1. English-speaking guide or other language speaking guide on request.
2. Hotel pick-up & drop-off service of private vehicle with driver.
3. Entrance fees of the sites as mentioned in the itinerary
4. Chinese lunch if included.

Price Excludes:
1、Tips or gratuities to guides and drivers
2、Services not mentioned in the itnerary;
3、Personal expenses.

100% cancellation fee will be made for no shows for all confirmed bookings.
2. Child rates will be offered on request.
3. Reservation should be made 7 days before departure date.
4. Changes or cancellation can only be made 3 days before departure date.
5. Please be noted that prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Q. Can I change what's in a package tour?


A: Absolutely yes, we combine the best airfare and rental cars for your destination with multiple hotel selections. Choose from inexpensive to luxury hotels, along with your favorite airlines and car vendors. You determine what's included in your package.


Passport and Visa
Q. Do I need visa for a visit to Hong Kong?


A: Residents of most countries can enter Hong Kong without applying for a visa in advance and are allowed to stay for 90 days. A visa will be issued on arrival.


Q. Can I still apply for my China Visa in Hong Kong and Macau?


A: After Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 and Macau returned to China in 1999, many foreigners choose to apply for China Visas in Hong Kong and Macau because it is much easier to apply for China Visas in the two places than in their home countries.

But the situation changed because too many foreigners are applying for China Visas in Hong Kong and Macau during the Olympics. Now, passport holders of 33 countries can not apply for China Visa in Hong Kong and Macau any more. The 33 countries are (listed alphabetically) Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Congo, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The people who hold passports of other countries can still apply for China Visas in Hong Kong and Macau but the situation may change at any moment. We suggest our customers enquire Chinese embassies in their home countries before they go to Hong Kong or Macau to apply for China Visas.


Q. Are there any changes in applying for L Visa (Tourists Visa) and F Visa (Business Visa)?

L Visa (Tourists Visa) and F Visa (Business Visa) are two most popular categories of China Visas, so many tourists are eager to know policy changes in the two categories of China Visas:

    * F Visas issued in China mainland can not be renewed in China mainland
      F Visa issued in China mainland can not be renewed in China mainland. But if you get your F Visa in Shenzhen or Zhuhai you can still renew it in China mainland. Other F Visa holders must go to Hong Kong, Macau or their own countries to renew F Visas.
    * Validity of L Visa and F Visa has been reduced from 90 to 30 days
    * F Visa can not be switched to L Visa or Vice Versa


Q. What documents do I need to prepare when applying for L Visa or T Visa?


A: * Passport: your passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Besides, there should be a few blank pages on your passport.
    * Application Form: to apply for a China Visa, you need to complete an application form. You can download the application form on the official website of China embassy in your resident county.
    * Photo: a photo the same with your passport. You need to glue it on your application form.
    * Round Trip Air Tickets and Hotel Reservation: the hotel reservation should include your check-in and check-out time and the round trip air tickets should include your arrival and departure time. If you want to live in your friend’s home, you need to provide your friend’s passport number or ID number. If you want to live in your family member’s home you need to your family member’s passport number or ID number. Besides, you need to prepare a certificate of kinship.

The four documents are necessary to apply for both L Visa and F Visa. Besides, when applying for an F Visa you need a Visa notification issued by an authorized Chinese unit.


Q. Can I travel to Tibet by myself?


A: No. According to China's regulation, individual travel to Tibet is not allowed. You have to join a group and we can help you find one at any time.


Q. How to purchase Tibet train tickets & Tibet entry permit?


A: We will purchase train tickets and arrange Tibet entry permits for customers who purchase a Tibet Tour package. Click here for our Tibet Tours.

Q. How do I acquire a Chinese visa?


A: For a China travel visa request, Chinese Embassy and Consulates require the following:

•   Your valid and actual passport which must have at least six (6) months of remaining validity with at least one blank visa page in it.
•   A recent passport photo;
•   Completed China visa application form;
•   An applicant who was born in China is required to submit his /her Chinese passport or last foreign passport with a Chinese visa when he or she applies for a Chinese visa with a new foreign passport
•   To apply for a Multiple Entry "L" Visa valid for 6 months or 1 year, you need to submit documents that certify you will come to China frequently for family visits or sightseeing. Acceptable documents include an invitation letter from your family member in China or proof of the kinship; or ownership certificate of real estate in China, or sale agreement or lease agreement of an apartment in China; or a copy of adoption certificate or the child's former Chinese passport if he/she has adopted a child from China.
•   Foreign Chinese born in China who have visited China at least twice in the past 12 months, need to submit a copy of the visa(s); or submit an official letter issued by the host institution in China, or an application letter which explains why you need to visit China frequently for tourism.

Notes: You must come to the visa office of the Embassy or Consulate General in the consular jurisdiction in which you live to submit the application; or if you cannot come personally, you may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to come to the visa office of the Embassy or Consulate -General in the consular jurisdiction in which you live for the application process.

For more detailed or up-to-date information, please see the USA Chinese Consulate website:


Generally, a visa is valid for entry within three months from the date of issue. Please apply for your visa no more than three months in advance, but not too close to your departure date due to any problems that may arise.

Processing Time

Normal processing time for a visa is a minimum of five business days after the date the Chinese Consulate receives the application.


Q. Are there any differences between upstream and downstream Yangtze River cruises?


A: Usually downstream cruise will take less time than upstream but it is more expensive on some ships because of higher demand from travelers. Some shore excursions may be different because of the different schedules by no means less interesting.


Q. What sights will I see on Yangtze River?


A: The cruise will allow you to enjoy some unique sights including superlative natural scenery, important historical sites. Some of the highlights from Chongqing to Yichuan are:

Chaotianmen Gate: Chaotianmen Gate is the largest harbor on the upper reach of the Yangtze River. It is an amazing place where the brown, muddy Yangtze meets the clear Jialing River.

Fengdu Ghost City: It is said to be the home of devil. The whole place has an eerie feel to it with deserted streets, tower blocks, empty shops and banks.

Shibaozhai: Shibaozhai is a rectangular rock with sheer cliffs, standing on the riverside. A 12-storey red wooden pagoda with upturned eaves stand on the top.

Lesser Three Gorges: The Lesser Three Gorges refers to the three separate valleys of the Daning River with the names of Dragon Gate Gorge, Misty Gorge and Emerald Gorge. The gorges are truly spectacular. Sheer cliffs soar up towards the sky from the brown-green water. Mountain tops hover above the ribbon of mist, disconnected from their roots.

Shennong Sream: Shennong Stream is a tributary of the Yangtze River. The crystal clear steam flows swiftly from north to south through deep gorges.

Baidi City(White Emperor City): Baidi City clings to grand hills and cliffs. It is well known as "the Poet City". Many ancient scholars once visited it and left many literary relics.

Gezhou Dam: The dam is 2,606 meters long and 70 meters high. There will be 5 ship locks and even an elevator to lift smaller ships over the dam.

Note:You may only see some of those sights along your trip, which depends on the ship you take.


Q. Do any of the cabins have balconies over-viewing the river?


A: Most cabins do not have balconies. Staterooms on some ships have balconies. Ships with private cabins are: Victoria( 5 star) President 1 ( 5 star), Yangtze Angel( 5 star), Emperor( 5 star), Century Star 1 ( 5 star), Yangtze Paradise( 4 star).


Q. Yangtze Cruise Terms and Conditions


A: Yangtze River Cruise operators reserve the right to cancel a scheduled sailing if they do not receive enough bookings for the sailing. This situation is more likely to occur during July and August but can also occur in September and October. The cancellations can occur even though they have previously confirmed the reservation made by Travel China Planner for our customers. Cancellation of a sailing usually occurs 15-30 days before the scheduled date but can be as little as 7 days before the sailing.

In the event that a cruise is cancelled we will do everything possible to rebook immediately on another ship, so that inconvenience is minimized. It is possible that an additional expense may be applicable if the available ship is more expensive than that of the original booking.

Please be assured that these events are beyond our control but we are here to serve you and will do all in our power to make your trip as smooth as possible.


Q. Are there medical services onboard?

Professional medical services are available on almost all cruise ships and every ship has a doctor on call and two registered nurses in attendance.

Q. Do I have to participate in the cruise line's organized activities?


A: The organized activities include shore excursions and activities on board. On a cruise, the choice is yours. You may do what you want. You can do it all or just relax on the deck.


Q. How big are the cabins?

The standard cabins are from 8 to 16 sq.meter not including bathroom. Most cabins measure 10- 12 sq. meter. Some rooms have 2 sq. meter private balconies. Splendid China has the largest cabin size: 22 sq. meter. Then East king and East Queen take the second place by 14 sq. meter. Extra beds are not allowed in smaller cabins but it may be possible to do so in larger cabins.

Suites usually double the size of the standard cabin at 30-40 sq. meter. They usually have a king or queen size bed or one double bed, bathtubs, and more furnishings. Interior decoration will be better.


Q. Are there nonsmoking cruises?


A: Although there are no nonsmoking cruise ships, all ships do have designated nonsmoking areas, including most cabins, restaurants (including main dining rooms), and public areas.


Q. What are the different cabin categories?


A: All cabins are classified as following categories:

Inside cabins are generally the smallest cabins onboard and have no views.

Ocean-view cabins have windows or portholes.

Ocean-view cabins with balconies have windows and ocean-facing balconies.

Suites have windows and oftentimes balconies; they're generally the largest cabins onboard and offer the most amenities.

Q.What is included in the cruise price?



1. Cruise accommodation

The cruise accommodation is based on two persons sharing one cabin with private facilities in all relevant locations. If a single client requests a cabin alone, the single cabin supplement will be charged.

2. The cruise shore excursion in groups and daily activities.

These activities are subject to the arrangements made by the cruise company and subject to change without prior notice.

3. Food & beverage

On the cruise daily Continental breakfast, Chinese lunch and dinner are served. The beverage arrangements are subject to policies of different cruise companies.


Q. What is not included in the cruise price?


A: Generally, the cruise price does not include specialty drinks like sodas, specialty coffees, and alcoholic beverages; meals in alternative restaurants; spa and salon services; exercise classes like yoga and Pilates; casino gaming; organized shore excursions; photographs; medical services; gratuities; and gift shop purchases.

Q. What's the minimum cruising age?


A: Most cruise lines ask that children be at least six months old to sail.

Q. Why does it cost so much to book a single-passenger cabin?


A: Each cruise line bases its cabin rates on double occupancy. When you travel alone, you will pay an extra single supplement fee to make up for lost revenue.


Sepcial Needs
Q. I would to complain about a certain aspect of my tour. How?


A: Please send any complaints in email to:


Q: Is Travel China Planner available for GAY TRAVELERS?


A: Yes, Travel China Planner’s tours are mixed & straight friendly.


Travel Insurance
Q. Why should a traveler buy travel insurance?


A: Travel insurance gives travelers coverage for unforeseen problems, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness—or in rare cases, even an act of terrorism or the financial default of a travel supplier.

If an illness, accident, or other covered unforeseen circumstance forces a traveler to cancel or interrupt their plans, they face two major financial losses—money invested in nonrefundable pre-payments, and medical expenses that in many instances may not be covered by health insurance.


Q. What happens if a traveler must cancel their vacation?


A: Often a traveler will lose nonrefundable deposits and prepayments that can add up to hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars. A comprehensive travel insurance plan can provide trip cancellation coverage for the traveler's vacation investment—the insurance company reimburses the traveler for all pre-paid, nonrefundable expenses for a covered loss.


Q. How does trip cancellation and interruption coverage work?


A: It reimburses for forfeited, nonrefundable, unused payments or deposits if the traveler must cancel or interrupt their trip due to a covered reason.


Q. What other coverage is typically included in a travel insurance plan?


A: In addition to trip cancellation and interruption, the more comprehensive travel insurance plans available today may also cover emergency medical expenses; emergency medical transportation, when ordered by a doctor, to the nearest adequate medical facility; reimbursement for accommodations and expenses incurred due to travel delays; reimbursement for the purchase of essential items if baggage is delayed; and coverage against lost, stolen or damaged baggage.


Q. Is the financial default of an airline, cruise line or tour operator covered?


A: Many of insurance companies' insurance programs include financial default coverage if the program is purchased within 15 days of making the initial trip deposit.


Q. Will I be able to carry things that I need for my young child?


A: Yes, however, these should be accommodated within the one piece of hand luggage. If you want something restricted, that will be difficult for you.


Q. Should fragile or valuable items be stored in hold luggage?


A: No, these should be packed in hand luggage. If this is not possible, please consider whether it is essential to take the items. If items are placed in hold luggage, it is unlikely you will be covered by any travel insurance and equally we will not be able to accept any liability.


Q. Can I accumulate points when booking flight tickets on Chinese airlines?


A: Four major Chinese airlines, Air China, Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Dragonair currently belong to international frequent flyer programs and it is therefore possible to accumulate points for flights on these airlines.

Claim your points

Our travel advisor will ask if you are a member of a frequent flyer program, remember to advise your membership information and tell her your member number. Show your member card before you board the flight and your points will be confirmed within 2 months.

If you do not get you points in this way it is possible to claim point by contacting the air company to which the flight you took belongs, at a later date. You need to keep your ticket or a copy of your e-ticket and your boarding pass until the miles your points are confirmed.

Air China and Shanghai Airlines are members of Star Alliance. China Southern Airlines belongs to Sky Team.

Star Alliance Members

The Star Alliance is the largest airline alliance in the world. At present, there are 20 members: Air China, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana, Austrian, Bmi, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, Swiss International Airlines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways Intl, United Airlines, US Airways, Shanghai Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

Sky Team

The SkyTeam is the second largest airline alliance. There are 11 members: Aeroflot, Aero Mexico, Air France, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, Continental Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, KLM, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.

One World

The One World is the third largest airline alliance. There are 10 members: American Airlines, British Airways, Dragonair, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Malév, Qantas and Royal Jordanian.

Money Matters
Q. Which kind of traveler's cheques can I take? Where can I cash the travel’s cheque?


A: For the convenience of travelers in China, the Bank of China cashes travel cheques sold by international commercial banks and travel cheque companies in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany and other countries and regions. The Bank of China also sells travel cheques issued by American Express, National Bank of New York, Thomas Cook, Sumitomo Bank, and Swiss Bank.

Traveller's Cheques Handled by the Bank of China:

Issued by Currencies
International Payment Co.  USD GBP CAD
American Express Co.  USD DEM FRF
Nanyang Commercial Bank    USD HKD
Swiss Bank      CHF
Bank of Tokyo   JPY
Mitsui Bank     JPY
Sumitomo Bank     JPY
Fuji Bank       JPY
Citibank        USD

Q. What credit cards are accepted in China? Where and How can I pay by the credit card?


A: The following foreign credit cards are acceptable in China:

(1) Master Card;    (2) Visa Card;    (3) American Express Card;    (4) JCB Card;  and   (5) Diners Card.

Card-holders may draw cash at the Bank of China or conversion centers designated by the Bank of China, or pay for their expenses at department stores, restaurants and hotels where credit cards are acceptable.

Credit card symbols are displayed in the visible place in shops indicating credit cards are accepted. But most department stores and super markets in china do not accept credit card. So when you are prepared for shopping, better exchange some Chinese money and take with you.


Q. Where and how to exchange money in china?


A: After you come to china, you can convert your currency into RMB at all banks, bank branches or hotels according to the exchange rate on that day. The State Foreign Exchange Administration announces the exchange rates on a daily basis.

Black market in foreign currency is forbidden in China. Sometimes you can meet people in front of hotels, at tourist spots or at banks who want to have a deal with you for a black market exchange. The exchange rate they offer is always higher than the bank rate. But you should be extremely careful because it is illegal and you risk being cheated. Sometimes these people don't give you the right amount, since you don't have time to count the money or, even worse, they may give you fake notes or a bundle of plain paper with a few notes on the top.

The following foreign currencies can be cashed into Renminbi in China: ( US dollar, British pound sterling, French franc, Deutsche mark, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Austrian schilling, Belgian franc, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Swiss franc, Danish krone, Dutch guilder, Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Singaporean dollar, Thai baht, Spanish peseta, Malaysian ringgit, Italian lira, Macao pataca, Finnish markka, and Euro).

You can have your surplus amount of Renminbi changed back into foreign currency and take it out of China within a grace period of six months prior to departure from China, but in doing so you have to show a foreign currency conversion receipt. So when you exchange the money, better keep the receipt every time.


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