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  • 5 Days Beijing - Xian Tour
    United States | | 2013 Aug 20

    "After a few days stay in Hong Kong where our son and his family live we have returned to Germany. When I visit foreign countries I am interested in coming closer to the people and getting information about culture, the beauty and general impressions of the various cities and areas ...

    David Marrero
  • Beautiful Country
    Italy | | 2013 Aug 08

    We loved every part of it and excellent guides and drivers and how smoothly everything went. We have recommended Travel China Planner to anyone who has expressed interest in a trip to China.

    We were able to enjoy the whole trip knowing that we would be taken care of and t ...

    Paul Todd
  • Xian 6 Days Tour Package
    United States | | 2013 Jul 20

    Thank you for all your help with my trip in China. I completed a customer satisfaction questionnaire that I passed to Linda, my guide, at the end of my tour in Xian. The questionnaire was very complimentary about your service - Linda was an excellent guide and although my delayed flight ...

    Rick Downing
  • 15 Days Yangtze Cruise
    UK | | 2013 Jun 26

    "We had an excellent trip to China! Thank you for all your help in putting it together. We enjoyed Hong Kong, and Guilin, and the Three Gorges, and Beijing, and Shanghai! Our air tickets were waiting for us in Hong Kong, just as you said.
    Everywhere we went we ...

    Peter and Gwen
  • 21-Day China Tour
    New York City, United States | | 2013 Jun 15

    "Two years ago, my husband and I traveled to China for a wonderful three week adventure.  Neither of us speaks Chinese, so we thought it was a good idea to book ahead for a guide to meet us and help us with our stay in Beijing. What a welcome sight to our jet-lagged eyes when ...

    Ann and Steve Weinstein
  • 3 Days Pingyao - Taiyuan
    United States | | 2013 Jun 10

    I just wanted to let you know that this was another excellent trip arranged by you.

    Once again the guide was fantastic. She was totally flexible and allowed us extra time to spend at the Qiao Family Home which we all really enjoyed.

    Id especially like to th ...

    Laura Rittenhouse
  • Say thanks and share our travel
    Albuquerque NM, United States | | 2013 May 27

    My wife and I very much enjoyed our trip. We were happy with our local guides. Mr Wang in Urumqi and Turpan was excellent. Also exceptional was our guide and driver in Shanghai. We were somewhat disappointed with our guide Tommy in Shanghai. He was very inexperienced.

    How ...

    John Sanders, Juanita Ladyman
  • 14 Days China Tour Package
    Australia | | 2013 May 22

    We saw a lot and we got fortunately the opportunity to spend a lot of time to move among the population. The hotels are average pretty good,in Shanghai we only got rooms with ugly view and we have to remark that Guishan hotel is not the 4 star hotel we expected, but in common the hotels ...

    Barry & Michael
  • 2-Day Xian tour
    United States | | 2013 May 08

    "Our travel to Xian was wonderful. Cindy met our flight in a private car and escorted us to the Wall of Xian. The hotel Travel China Planner arranged is in a great location and our room had a great view of the Bell Tower.

    I was impressed with Terra-cotta warrior sta ...

    Chuck Shults
  • My 7 days travel to Xian and Lhasa in China
    United States | | 2013 Apr 13

    "We just got home last night and had a great trip. Your folks in both Xian and Lhasa were wonderful. Great service, we will definitely recommend Travel China Guide to others.

    Only suggestions:

    1. In Tibet, you should have non-Chinese restaurants on the ...

    Paul Cosgrave
  • Recommend Travel China Planner you!
    United States | | 2013 Apr 11

    "I was intending to send you a note anyway to let you know how impressed I was with your service.

    Everything was impeccably arranged and the guides and drivers went out of their way to help. I only have two reservations: 1) I had no advance notice that I would need t ...

    Phyllis Savage
  • Great Tour
    South Africa | | 2013 Apr 08

    My family just came back from a long trip in China. I must say that the visit to China was really incredible. I knew it would be wonderful but I never thought it would be so breathtaking.

    We viewed many marvelous places and took many pics. I strongly recommend Travel Chi ...

    John and Lynsey Fitzgerald
  • 17 Days Luxury China Tour
    UK | | 2013 Mar 29

    All guides were very conscientious looking after all our needs. All guides had an excellent command of English.

    I found that the guides really did know their topic well. Even when asked questions that others of us had read in Travel Guides there was no conflict in replie ...

    Amanda Mussell
  • 3 Days Huangshan Tour
    Canada | | 2013 Mar 25

    "I was intending to send you a note anyway to let you know how impressed I was with your service.

    Everything was impeccably arranged and the guides and drivers went out of their way to help. I only have two reservations: 1) I had no advance notice that I would need t ...

    Chris Lyle
  • Xian 3 Days Tour Package
    United States | | 2013 Mar 10

    In April of 2008, my wife, daughter and I had the good fortune of having Jared of Travel China Planner as our tour guide on our visit to Xian. Jared's knowledge of China and Chinese history were impressive and greatly enhanced the value of our visit to this ancient walled city. Our know ...

    Bill and Linda Robinson

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